Personal projects are so important as a photographer. It’s when you get to create just for you.  I saw Myles and Tayler coming out of Trader Joe’s and was struck by their beauty and contrast. I never approach people, but finally went to their car, handed them a card and said I’d really like to shoot them because they were so beautiful . Myles and I looked at each other wondering if we knew each other. I got an email a day later saying Hi and he was one of my son’s friends. Of course…Myles! I love my son’s friends. They are all such incredible individuals. So the start of a personal project began in a parking lot. The day I was shooting Jeremy Sisto I had them come to the studio before, and we did a shoot. I love these images so much. Tayler and Myles have no idea how beautiful they are, which makes them even more extraordinary.devong_landrymajor-895


Cash’s Birthday

Next week my son Cash turns 17 years old. He is an almost 6’3″ ,145 pound rail of joy. As my Mama used to love to say…he is a long cool drink of water. He is that refreshment to my heart and soul, on a hot day in the world at large. He inspires me daily with his love and enthusiasm. One of my proudest moments is watching the ease with which he tells people he loves them. He is an open loving soul in a world where so many people are closed and guarded.  I have learned as much from him as he has from me on this incredible journey we are on together.  Once when he was 8, we were in Hawaii trying to find a hidden trail a local had told us about.  The sky opened up and it started to pour.I suggested we bail and go back to the hotel, my mind focusing on the mosquito population and their love for my blood. Cash looked at me and said we may never be here again…we need to find this place and enjoy this moment.  Right after we found the trail head, the sun came out and we had the most amazing hike into waterfalls, and jumped from rocks in to cool pools. He brings that love for the moment at hand.I had to learn to be a fighter for him, something my pacifist soul had never mastered. Along the way I started photographing all the amazing fighters I work with today. Not a coincidence. I absorbed their heart and endurance and learned to bend to the forces, but never break to them. To become stronger in the fire like metal and yet keep a tender heart because I had this son to remind me daily of all the good in the world. When he calls to tell me he is dancing in the rain like I taught him, I am so grateful. I am proud and grateful to be Cash’s Mom….he is my favorite human and he quenches my soul. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Osservatorio Digitale

I am really honored to be profiled in this month’s Osservatorio Digitale professional photography magazine out of Italy.  Ezio Rotamartir interviewed me for the magazine. I was asked to submit photos which show my style and what I love to shoot, which really made me think… It came down to the emotion that is conveyed in a photo. Thank you to Ezio for writing such a great article and for asking such great thought provoking questions. It is in Italian, so if you don’t speak Italian you can always look at the images! I was lucky enough to have lived in Italy so know first hand the warmth of the people and am always thankful for my time there. Mille Grazie!

Beverley Mitchell and Mike Cameron’s engagement photos.

Beverley and Mike are the best couple. We laughed so much during their engagement photos! Every couple has their story and Bev and Mike are truly best friends.  We added their four dogs into the mix which was great chaos. . I love Bella the black pug,  who spends her time plotting the demise of Chico. If any one is wondering if Bev is as nice as she seems….she is nicer! They took me out to their favorite sushi restaurant as a thank you, where we ate a lot, and laughed even more. Congratulations to Bev and Mike and their wonderful new life! I will post some photos, so check back…

Soul Mates

I have always believed in soul mates. That wonderful surprise of familiarity from some one you have just met. The person you just resonate effortlessly with…a gift in all forms. I also think we have animal soul mates. If you have been lucky enough to have dogs in your life, you know there are dogs….and then there is that special dog. That dog for me is Echo. We found each other in the animal shelter. I already had two wonderful dogs and was not looking for another. But here was this dog, who when I slid my hand under the fence, rested his head in it, and was at peace. He is the dog that is devoted to me, prefers my company to food, and drinks my coffee if I leave it. He hikes with me, and always knows where I am. He guards our Pug China from harm, because he knows she is special too. He is huge love in a dog!

Things I love….

It was an amazing day today…. I was driving with the windows down, my hair flying in the wind, music blasting and ruminating on all the things I love. These are some of the things that made me smile:

The sound of laughter, my son’s face, smiling so much..your cheeks ache, a full moon, the wind, a great cup of coffee in a proper cup, hiking up a big hill, the view from the top, and running down it….music that moves you, a kiss, holding some one you love, the man who thinks we are spectacular together, a beautiful image, the ocean, the mountains, jumping into a lake, kindness, listening, a great glass of red wine, a fire pit, Echo’s devotion, China’s spirit, the written and spoken words…they can move mountains, passion, gratitude, leaps of faith, extending yourself, peace, my friends, when my Mom is having a good day and knows who I am, my sister who shoulders it, generosity of spirit, flowers, when you open a new Cherry Garcia and it is Full of cherries, the back of a neck, a great client, when your hand is filled with the hand of some one you love, Love in all it’s wonderful manifestations!