Wolf Haven International

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  Wolf Haven is a wolf rescue up in Olympia Washington. They take in wolves that have been injured or kept by hoarders. The goal when possible,  is to re-release them into the wild. Wolves and coyotes mate for life, … Continue reading

Mammoth Lakes

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I love Mammoth Lakes, California especially in the summer and fall. Everywhere you look there is beauty. We hiked up to Devil’s Postpile an incredible rock formation and beyond to Reds Meadow. Hiking at 7,000 feet makes you tired, but … Continue reading

The Unspoken

How often do we leave things unspoken… Huge wonderful things that sit in our hearts and mouths. How often have we thought how much we love some one or how much joy they bring us, but let the moment go by without saying it? We ground our hearts and close our arms when they could be so full. What if we dare to live wide open….