The Legendary Charlie Plotkin

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I was lucky to hang with the legendary music producer Charlie Plotkin for a few days. Charlie produced Bruce Springsteen’s albums for 15 years and worked with Dylan, James Taylor and the list goes on. He is the most humble … Continue reading

Thanks to everyone who came out to Gallery 135 in Portland for my show!


Thanks so much to all who came out on First Thursday for the opening of my show at Gallery 135! What a great crowd of people who came in to view. It was so fun talking to all the fight fans and non fight fans about all the really amazing people I get to photograph.  Special Thanks to all at IDL for curating the show and to Cash for taking awesome pics…

Cain Velasquez


I met Cain when Fight Magazine sent me to San Jose to shoot the incredible roster of guys training at AKA with Crazy Bob Cook. Cain was training and he was going hard. My first impression was this guy is Tough.  In a room full of the top MMA fighters training, to be singled out as such is a statement in itself. Cain wasn’t laughing or smiling he was hard, tough and serious. Any one sparring with him was going to get his full force- no holding back served up. The first day I was at AKA, Cain sent a message that he didn’t want to shoot, but he would the next day. Day two I was wondering if it was going to happen, he didn’t look at me or acknowledge I was there.  When he was done he gave me ten minutes. We did the set up shots I needed to deliver and then I asked him to stand in front of the rainy window light. Somehow the soft light accentuated how tough he is and that was the magic moment. I knew not to try to get him to smile, it wasn’t in him. I was getting the essence of who Cain is, pure, tough, strong and determined. My favorite image from this moment was used as the cover for Fight Magazine celebrating Cain as Fighter of The Year. I was at the UFC fight when he defeated Lesnar. I knew he was going to bring it and loved that he advanced when others would have been tentative. I was on my feet yelling and cheering until my arms were tired from clapping. I have never seen an arena light up like that. After the fights when we were walking to our cars I was  happy for all the Latino’s who were so proud to have the first Latino Heavyweight in history. I said  in Spanish…I am as happy as you are Cain won today!

PETA Campaign with Jake Shields

The new campaign I shot for PETA with Jake Shields is out. I love the concept. I was really surprised when I shot Jake and he told me he was a vegetarian and had been all his life. You really don’t think of some one like a fighter being a veg head. It dispels some erroneous ideas about nutrition and energy which I think is great. I love when people are not what you would think from the outside. Jake gets props from me for standing up and being proud. Congrats on the big win too Jake!

Baby Gavin

I shot Gavin’s Dad Tom Atencio gavinatencio_landrymajor-78blogfor Fight! Magazine. He had just had a new baby and asked me to shoot photos of him with his baby.  Gavin was 6 weeks old and the sweetest little baby. What was immediately clear was the special bond already between father and son.  The whole time Tom held Gavin he either slept at total peace, or smiled. You can see Tom transformed into this amazing loving person before your eyes when Gavin is near. The magic that a child works on our lives never ceases to amaze me. I was so honored to have been asked to take these photos.Image Copyright Landry Major Photo. Do not reproduce without permission