If you happen to be in China….

Pick up the newest issue of Kong Fu MMA Mag. I shot the cover with MMA fighter and actor Cung Le. He wasn’t really yelling at me….


MMA Gyms

urijahfaber_landrymajor-700You spend enough time in  pro MMA gyms and you find out that they all have a vibe. It seems to come from the Fighter that heads the gym. Xtreme Couture, with the leave your ego at the door, motto is pure Randy. There is great camaraderie there, but every one is going Hard.  Cung in the middle of shooting with me, had one eye on the guys he is training, yelling at them to go harder. Urijah’s gym, is the California Kid kick back fun gym. What a great life for a guy. They are super chill and hang out together, train all day, eat lunch in the sun outside the gym and party together when it’s time. The first gym I went to was Joe Stevenson’s. The guys did not know what to do with me, so decided to try and gross me out. They tried hard…I told them it was going to be impossible to gross me out…I live with a 15 year old boy. By lunch time they declared me cool, and a girl who can hang with the guys.Image Copyright Landry Major Photo. Do not reproduce without permission

Cung Le

Cung Le is a marvel who defies gravity. He comes from the Martial Arts world and has crossed over into Mixed Martial Arts where he is undefeated.  I knew he was famous for breaking legs with his kick, so asked him to kick the bag for a shot. I asked how much room he needed to run into the bag? None. How many steps? None. He just lifted directly in the air and kicked, and he kept jumping effortlessly and airborne. Cung has crossed over into movies and has four movies coming out this year. He was a pleasure to work with. He is kind and professional and fully game for anything. It was raining in San Jose and we went outside and had him walking the railroad tracks. No problem.Image Copyright Landry Major Photo. Do not reproduce without permissioncungle_landrymajor-78blog