Cub Swanson for Fight Magazine


I have wanted to shoot Cub Swanson for the last year. Something about him was so likeable. I was thrilled when Fight Magazine called to ask me to shoot him for the cover and feature of this month’s Fight Magazine. I went to Palm Springs where he lives to meet him. Writer R.J. Clifford was there to interview Cub between shots. I was fascinated hearing about his life growing up hard in Palm Springs and all that he has overcome. He is open and honest about growing up around gang violence and drugs, and getting to where he is now inspiring youth who are in the same situations. Cub has an easy smile and a great energy about him. It was way hotter than I expected in Palm Springs and we were going to hike up the hills to shoot Cub running the cliffs. Cub walked out of his house with a pair of shorts for me. It’s those kind of gestures that you remember, and help define a person. We had a great, fun day. Even when R.J.’s truck got stuck in the sand  by the wind turbines and we all had to push it out, it was somehow a fun group effort. I’m really happy for Cub! Cub CoverWeb_FIGHT_MAY13


Mammoth Lakes

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I love Mammoth Lakes, California especially in the summer and fall. Everywhere you look there is beauty. We hiked up to Devil’s Postpile an incredible rock formation and beyond to Reds Meadow. Hiking at 7,000 feet makes you tired, but … Continue reading

Lightning In A Bottle

I headed to Silverado, CA for Memorial Weekend to Lightning In A Bottle Festival. It was a gathering of the kindest people I have ever met. When was the last time you were somewhere with thousands of people and never heard one negative word.  Every smile is returned with an even bigger smile. It is a cleansing from the materialistic LA environment to a simpler time.  There are sound stages playing music and dancing at all hours of the day or night. There is yoga and lectures up on the hill for those who need a break. We sat in the grass and ate delicious food made by the local vendors. Lightning is the largest Green festival in the U.S. Every trash site has compost, recycle and landfill bins, and someone to help you decide, if you aren’t sure. People are free, happy and carry a piece of this weekend with them for a long time after. Special Thanks to The Do Lab for making it all possible. Everyone associated with them was stellar!


Ok, I am smitten. Smitten by the Wild Card Boxing Gym and the people who inhabit it. The international boxing talent that train in this small gym in the middle of Hollywood is amazing. I was there two days this week shooting English boxer Amir Khan. While I was there Andrei Arlovski was there sparring in preparation for his next MMA fight. There were boxers from Scotland, Kenya, you name it.  Freddie Roach is the quiet presence that every one flocks to. He is somehow still grounded and ego free. He just went to Vegas to accept his giant Trainer of the Year award and trophy. Since he hates trophies..he left it on the bus, and they will mail it to him. His assistant trainer heavy weight champion Michael Moorer is working with Arlovski while Freddie concentrates on Amir who is amazing already at only 18 years old. The first day I was there his sparring partner was on the mat looking stunned after the first two minutes, trying to figure out how he got there. There is a quiet intensity to everyone in the Wild Card. WildCard_LandryMajor-89The Wild Card parking lot and being yelled at by the woman who runs the laundry downstairs is considered a rite of passage.  I had some amazing conversations with trainers who have given me such great insight into boxing and boxers. Pictured Scottish Boxer Gary Young.

Beauty By the Sea

What do you get when you add one beautiful family and one incredible day at the beach? Lots of amazing photos full of love and laughter. We had to wait out two weeks of rainy Los Angeles days, but we finally got one perfect day.Paradise Cove has always been one of my own favorite beaches to go with my son. It is a calm spot with lots of tide pools and places to investigate. Cristi and Mark conawaymurphy_lmajor-265-copybrought a great blue bunch of balloons and Cocoa and Miles had a blast running on the beach with them.  Cristi and Cocoa have the most amazing blue eyes ever and the sea just brought them out. There are so many moments of love and laughter you can tell this is a loving family. I loved it that Cocoa and Miles both gave me hugs before I left!