Personal projects are so important as a photographer. It’s when you get to create just for you.  I saw Myles and Tayler coming out of Trader Joe’s and was struck by their beauty and contrast. I never approach people, but finally went to their car, handed them a card and said I’d really like to shoot them because they were so beautiful . Myles and I looked at each other wondering if we knew each other. I got an email a day later saying Hi and he was one of my son’s friends. Of course…Myles! I love my son’s friends. They are all such incredible individuals. So the start of a personal project began in a parking lot. The day I was shooting Jeremy Sisto I had them come to the studio before, and we did a shoot. I love these images so much. Tayler and Myles have no idea how beautiful they are, which makes them even more extraordinary.devong_landrymajor-895



I first saw Spirithoods when I shot MAGIC in Las Vegas and fell in love immediately. The great people at Spirithoods were kind enough to loan us the hoods for this beauty shoot. They are so fun and eco-friendly. They also have a kids line. Love them! http://www.spirithoods.comi


It is great when I get to work with people again. I was so happy to shoot with Emily again this week. I had the pleasure of working with Emily a few years ago. It was wonderful to see Emily has grown into a beautiful ten year old girl! Her Mom Davina was so thoughtful and brought me tomatoes…I love tomatoes! I have the most amazing clients. Emily is represented in Los Angeles by Heinz Holba’s L.A. Models.

T.Santiago Shoot

283tsantiago_lmajorblog1.jpgI spent a great day shooting a new lingerie line called t.santiago at Marina del Rey.The location was a beautiful tri-level house at the beach. We had such a fun day with models Ashleigh and Christina. The girls were great sports. At one point we had them climbing onto the roof so we could shoot with the city and beach in the background. I do love a game girl! What is really cool084tsantiago_lmajorblog.jpg is how my clients and friends evolve. Jordon who is the client for the shoot started as a model, and now is the client with his own company.