Tom and Katy’s Wedding San Antonio Texas

Tom and Katy’s Wedding San Antonio Texas

I flew to San Antonio Texas to photograph Tom and Katy’s wedding. It rained the day before I got there, and the day I left. But the skies were sunny for their wedding day. The ceremony was held at Soldier’s Angels since Tommy is an Army Ranger. It was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding. Their families were so fun! Continue reading

Lightning In A Bottle

I headed to Silverado, CA for Memorial Weekend to Lightning In A Bottle Festival. It was a gathering of the kindest people I have ever met. When was the last time you were somewhere with thousands of people and never heard one negative word.  Every smile is returned with an even bigger smile. It is a cleansing from the materialistic LA environment to a simpler time.  There are sound stages playing music and dancing at all hours of the day or night. There is yoga and lectures up on the hill for those who need a break. We sat in the grass and ate delicious food made by the local vendors. Lightning is the largest Green festival in the U.S. Every trash site has compost, recycle and landfill bins, and someone to help you decide, if you aren’t sure. People are free, happy and carry a piece of this weekend with them for a long time after. Special Thanks to The Do Lab for making it all possible. Everyone associated with them was stellar!

Nike repurposed paper couture

One of my clients IDL commissioned the amazing Lia Griffiths creative director of Ellinee to create paper dresses made out of old advertising materials for NIKE and Coca-Cola,  She created these one of a kind couture dresses which we shot in Las Vegas. Lia can create anything out of paper. I’m kind of sure her whole house is made of paper.

Shelter Dogs

I am in love with shelter dogs. I have a special soft spot for the senior dogs, who lived a life with one owner and find themselves in the harsh reality of a shelter. We have found most of our dogs at the Agoura Shelter. The amazing people with Malibu Pet Companions work tirelessly to find these dogs homes, and the medical care they may need to find one. I have done volunteer work doing portraits for some of the dogs that needed a special push. This guy Diego, almost came home with me. My wonder dog Echo came from this same shelter. Please get your dogs from shelters,they will love you forever for it!

Skateboarder Mike Vallely

Cool shoot with skate icon Mike Vallely for I Ride I Recycle at the one and only Skate Lab. I have spent so much time there with my son, it was great to be back for a shoot.

Check out and http://www.artoftheboard for amazing ways to recycle your old decks and http://www.elephantskateboards for Mike’s new line of boards.