Nike repurposed paper couture

One of my clients IDL commissioned the amazing Lia Griffiths creative director of Ellinee to create paper dresses made out of old advertising materials for NIKE and Coca-Cola,  She created these one of a kind couture dresses which we shot in Las Vegas. Lia can create anything out of paper. I’m kind of sure her whole house is made of paper.


Shelter Dogs

I am in love with shelter dogs. I have a special soft spot for the senior dogs, who lived a life with one owner and find themselves in the harsh reality of a shelter. We have found most of our dogs at the Agoura Shelter. The amazing people with Malibu Pet Companions work tirelessly to find these dogs homes, and the medical care they may need to find one. I have done volunteer work doing portraits for some of the dogs that needed a special push. This guy Diego, almost came home with me. My wonder dog Echo came from this same shelter. Please get your dogs from shelters,they will love you forever for it!

Skateboarder Mike Vallely

Cool shoot with skate icon Mike Vallely for I Ride I Recycle at the one and only Skate Lab. I have spent so much time there with my son, it was great to be back for a shoot.

Check out and http://www.artoftheboard for amazing ways to recycle your old decks and http://www.elephantskateboards for Mike’s new line of boards.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Gallery 135 in Portland for my show!


Thanks so much to all who came out on First Thursday for the opening of my show at Gallery 135! What a great crowd of people who came in to view. It was so fun talking to all the fight fans and non fight fans about all the really amazing people I get to photograph.  Special Thanks to all at IDL for curating the show and to Cash for taking awesome pics…

My Upcoming Gallery Show

I am so excited to bring these amazing athletes to the world of fine art! I hope everyone in the Portland area will come out. If there are any fighters in the area training, please stop in. It will be a wonderful night. I can’t thank IDL Worldwide enough for curating this event.